Me/Journal Spring 2002
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Punctual Activities

Balon Balai
A kind of Quebecian hockey game with a ball
Every once in a while
Visiting Nathalie's parents
and her two brothers.
Volunteer at L'Arche de Montreal
for mentally handicapped people
Seeing friends
Myriam Foley, Jean-Philippe Doucet, Geraldine Lavis, Martin Villemure, Nancy, ...

Regular Activities

Auxiliary teaching
Electromagnetics and Optics, once a week
Visiting prisonners
Two prisons, one visit per week
Suicide Action Montreal (SAM)
Telephone help-line (723-4000), every week [Info]
Christian discussion group, every two weeks
Guilde des Outre Penseurs
Philosophical discussion group, every two weeks
Tango course
Every week
Supper and mass
At the Christian Student Center, every week

February 2002

14th Teaching
Badmington with Myriam
Tango with Nathalie
Recieved Veronique and Hugues
15th Visited Nathalie's parents
16th Had Myriam and Maud for suppper
Saw the opera "La Traviata"
17th Working hard for the conference at CERN in less than two weeks
Volunteer work for SAM
18th More work. Going for 4.5h sleep regularly now.
19th Tango, doing really well now. Starting to improvise. Cool! Worked till 6h45 am.
20th Work, work, work...
21st Got sick, taught my class but afterwards I went to sleep for the rest of the day. Felt horrible.
22nd Felt better and ate some rice with salt. Parfoi was about the Bible, but I was too tired in the end.
23rd At last I feel good again. Worked and started a script to autoname song-names.
24th Got a virus on my computer. Purged it completely(?). Worked, went to supper at the CEBL, did my volunteer work at SAM.
25th Got a hard stomach. Working hard...
26th Leaving for CERN in Switzerland for the OPAL plenary.
27th Read the book "Enchantments" by Orson Scott Cardduring the voyage. Had supper with Stefan Ask and met with my supervisor for some final preparations.
28th Gave my talk at the OPAL Plenary, it went allright. Partcipated in the conference dinner in the evening.

Mars 2002

01st Met my old friend Elisabet Molin. Rented a film, 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'.
02st Calm day, lots of sleep and some work. Watched TV for the first time in a long time. Me and Stefan watched 'Octopus' in german, inventing our own conversation to the characters. That was hilarious. :)
03st Still calm. Some work and some computer games (Baldurs Gate II).
04th Dinner (Pann cakes) with Elisabet. Cinema (Ocean's Eleven) with Christian Hansen and Sandra Piaget - old friends from my time as a summer student - and Elisabet. It was really good. Saw 'A Fish called Wanda' in Italian with Stefan on TV.
05th Going back to Montreal. Saw 'Royal Tenenbaum' on the flight.
06th SAM and Ballon balai.
11th My last visit to Prison. I will finish my thesis now.
13th GOP discussion about Power and Imortality.
15th SAM and Nathalie's grandma's birthday. Here are som photos.
16th Supper at CEBL.
22nd Badminton with Myriam, Jean-Philippe and Catherine
26th Badminton with Jean
28th Badminton with Jean-Philippe. Went to the Tango club and danced.
29th Saw Shrek at Nathalie's parents home.
30th SAM. Visited the Nathalie's family with everybody on her fathers side. Had a great time, playing chess, talking and eating.
31st Vigile Pascale at 4am, breakfast in the monestry at 7h30 and later visiting Nathalie's mother's family. Really nice, played cards, had good food and took a walk in the afternoon sun.

April 2002

01st Got some indications of a real signal in my data. Have to investigate further...
02nd Working hard...
23th Birthday party for Nathalie in her parents home with Myriam, and several family members. See photos.
23th Nathalie's birthday. We had an early visit from Jean and Veronique and in the evening we had a nice dinner together. See photos photos.
29th Dinner at l'Arche de Montreal.
30th Dinner with Roger, SAM and Joumanas birthday party.
04th 27th