Me/Journal Spring 2003
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Punctual Activities

Every once in a while
Visiting my parents
once per week
Seeing friends
Anna-Maria and Björn, Johan Kihlberg, Anderas Forsmark, Per Björn, Henrik Andren,...

Regular Activities

Leader of a teenage group
Mostly girls about 13 years old
Homework help
every Tuesday 15-17 at Tunaskolan [Info]

January 2003

21st Homework help
Only two students came... but eight volunteers!
23rd Teenagers: Playing.
24th Chalmersspex: Dracula.
25th Skated with Nathalie Caron and Alexander Soldatov. Koinonia service in church.
26th Updated Photo-pages until 15/1, Added persons until 25/12. Improved the add-person script.
27th Saw Henrik, Per, Assar, Antel and Jennie. Made Pizza together.
28th Homework-help. Great improvement: 5 children! Tidying my paperwork and music.
30th Teenagers: Playing games.
31st Went to the Cinema: "Die another day" fair Bond-movie.

February 2003

01st Bibliobio: Discussion about identity and models of our lives.
02nd Church, Dinner with my parents, Seeing Henrik &co
06th Teenagers: Team-competition.
07th Annual meeting of the youth in church.
08th Played Hockey-bocky, annual meeting of the church.
10th Baked a choclate cake, played the guitarr, read.
11th Baked bread.

Mars 2003

14th Teenagers: Bowling.
16th Walking on the ice with Nathalie and my parents.
Anna-Maria, Björn and Elin visiting.