Me/Journal Spring 2005
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Updated: Sat Aug 6 08:05:11 2016

Punctual Activities

Saturday mornings during the season
Mondays when my schedule allows it
When the weather is nice
Seeing my parents
A couple of times a month
Seeing friends
Anna-Maria and Björn, Elin, Johan, Andreas, Per, Henrik, ...
Webmaster of SMK Luleå
...keeping a low profile.
Treasurer in the Red Cross youth organization in Luleå
without accounting

Regular Activities

Leader of a teenage group
12-15 years old
Bible discussion group
Every two weeks with Nathalie, Anna and Micke, Helena and David and Miriam.
Chairman of SMUÖN
Svenska Missionskyrkan och SMU i Övre Norrlands Distrikt
Chairman of SMU Luleå
The Red Cross' Swedish youth line
Jourhavande kompis 020-222 444
Going to church
Most Sundays at 11 am