Me/CV/Education The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. - Malcolm S. Forbes
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1st year

MTF009 Modern Physics
Grade: 5

Computer Introduction
Grade: Passed MTF008 Mechanics
Grade: 5 MTF006 Research Methods
Grade: Passed
IEF001 Basic Course in Business Administration
Grade: 5
MAM046 Mathematics
Grade: 5

2nd year

MAM057 Vector Calculus and Series
Grade: 5

IEI001 Ethichs and Philosophy of Technology
Grade: Passed with honour
MTF055 Mechanics II
Grade: 5
IEK020 Mathematical Statistics
Grade: 5 MTF067 Quantum Physics
Grade: 4 MAM058 Complex Functions and Theory of Transforms
Grade: 3 (I studied this course on my own) IES018 Politics, Technology and the Natural Environment
Grade: 5 MTF056 Electromagnetic Field Theory
Grade: 4 MPM021 Materials Science and Engineering
Grade: 5 MAM062 Mathematical Physics
Grade: 3 MAM079 Partial Differential Equations and Finite Element Method
Grade: 4 MAM059 Principles of Mathematical Analysis
Grade: 5 MTM060 Continuum Mechanics
Grade: 4 SME034 Circuit Theory
Grade: 4 MTF064 Solid State Physics
Grade: 4 MAM015 Theory of Distributions
Grade: 3 (I studied this course on my own)

3rd year

Grade: B+

Mécanique Supérieure
Grade: B Mécanique Quantique II
Grade: A Introduction à l'Optique Moderne
Grade: C Électromagnétisme II
Grade: B+ Mécanique Quantique 3
Grade: A
Notes Diélectrique
Grade: C Électromagnétisme 3
Grade: A Méthodes Numériques en Physique
Grade: A+ Interactions Fondamentales et Particules
Grade: A+

4th year

Applied Mathematics
Grade: 5

Automatic Control
Grade: 5 Atomic and Molecular Physics
Grade: 4
Project on Bose-Einstein Condensate. Particle and Nuclear Physics
Grade: 5 Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics
Grade: 4 Mathematical Project course
Grade: 5 Astrophysics and Cosmology
Grade: 4 Theory of Relativity
Grade: 4 Physical Optics
Grade: 3 Applied Quantum Physics
Grade: 4 Algebraic Methods in Physics
Grade: 4 Physical chemistry with Thermodynamics
Grade: 4
Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.

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